Photo Gallery #18: 2021 Reunion in DAYTON, OHIO - 320th MMs

Our 2021 reunion in Dayton, Ohio was a challenge because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The prime attraction for us in Dayton was the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Dayton had been planned for the 2020 reunion, but that event was cancelled because everything was shut down in the spring due to the pandemic. A year later, the decision was made to have the reunion in October of 2021. Attendance was impacted greatly because of the Covid situation, with a total of 7 people attending.

Attendees at the Dayton reunion were:

  • Paul and Jan Baker
  • Steve and Pauline Bisel
  • Jon Crawford with his sister-in-law and her husband as guests

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  • The group enjoying an outdoor meal in Dayton
  • Jon Crawford with his sister-in-law and her husband (L-R)
  • Paul and Jan Baker and Pauline Bisel (L-R)
  • Paul and Jan Baker with Pauline Bisel at the Museum of the Air Force
  • Steve Bisel and Paul Baker at the Museum of the Air Force
  • Paul and Jan Baker in front of one of the exhibits in the museum.
  • The famous B-17 Memphis Belle, the first heavy bomber to return to the US after flying 25 missions over Europe.
  • The B-29 named
  • B-29 with representations examples of the Little Boy and Fat Man atomic bombs.
  • The Convair B-36J Peacemakerr was in production from 1946 to 1954 was a strategic bomber with intercontinental range built for the Strategic Air Command.
  • North American F-100F Super Sabre on display at the museum. This F-100 was flown in Vietnam at Phu Cat Air Base with the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing.
  • View of the Cold War Gallery at the museum. Note the F-100D at the left. This aircraft flew with the Air Force Thunderbirds from 1964-68 and was probably at the Wethersfield Air Show in 1968.
  • Kaman HH-43B Huskie rescue helicopter like the ones we had at Wethersfield.
  • The group enjoying a night out
  • Steve and Pauline Bisel (in foreground) visited with Bill and Darlene Woodward (in background) at their home on Long Island after the reunion in Dayton