Photo Gallery #12: 2013 Reunion in Tucson, Arizona - 320th MMs

Our 2013 reunion in Tucson was a huge success with 22 attendees. Our hotel accommodations were at the the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort in Oro Valley. This was a beautiful facility and a truly gorgeous setting. The weather was picture perfect fall Arizona weather with temperatures in the low to mid '80s. Activities included a welcome reception, a jeep tour and dinner in the desert, a tour of the Pima Air and Space Museum, and a visit to the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center observatory. Kudos to Steve Bisel for doing such an outstanding job organizing this reunion!

Attendees at the Tucson reunion were:

  • Paul and Jan Baker
  • Steve and Pauline Bisel
  • Sam Bothern
  • Steve and Dede Carr
  • Troy and Barbara Dobbs
  • John and Linda Ging
  • Jim and Marie Jenkins
  • Steve Linebarger
  • Craig and Marilyn Meyers
  • Bob Roberts
  • Chuck and Jeanne Schabel
  • Bob Strand
  • Bill and Darlene Woodward
In front of the F-100 At the Pima Air & Space Museum
Photo & graphics by John Ging

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The first activities in Tucson were an impromptu dinner at the hotel on Thursday night followed by a reception hosted by Steve and Pauline Bisel on Friday.

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  • Reunion Headquarters: Hilton El Conquistador Resort, Tucson
  • The beautiful grounds at the Hilton El Conquistador
  • Impromptu dinner at the hotel on Thursday night drew a good crowd
  • Friday reception - Steve Bisel, Paul Baker, Bob Strand, Dede Carr, Jan Baker (L-R)
  • Chuck Schabel and Steve Linebarger at the reception
  • Steve Bisel, Craig Meyers, Jim Jenkins, Jeanne Schabel, Paul Baker, Chuck Schabel, Marilyn Meyers (L-R)
  • Marie Jenkins, Jim Jenkins & Pauline Bisel
  • Sam Bothern & Bob Strand
  • Bob Strand: this is a good reason to improve your golf game!
  • Troy Dobbs, Bill Woodward, Steve Carr & Steve Bisel (L-R)
  • (L-R) Craig, Chuck, Woody, Bake and Jim catching up with each other
  • Steve, Sam, Bob and Troy at the reception
  • Group photo of guys. Kneeling in front: Chuck, Craig, Woody, Troy & Steve B. Standing in back: Bob R., John, Bake, Jim, Steve C., Steve L., Sam & Bob S.
  • The lady photographers: Pauline Bisel, Jan Baker, Marie Jenkins, Jeanne Schabel, Darlene Woodward, Linda Ging & Barbara Dobbs (L-R)
  • Group shot of everyone at the reception

After the reception, we gatherd for a Jeep trip with Traildust Adventures out on the desert complete with a margarita bar and a catered dinner!

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  • The Bakers and Jenkins in the jeep with Pauline Bisel riding shotgun
  • The jeep caravan on the road
  • John Ging
  • The Schabels and Meyers learning about some of the cactus on the jeep tour
  • Photo on the jeep trail
  • Marilyn, Chuck, Craig & Jeanne checking out the sagauro cactus
  • The jeep caravan arrives at our dinner location in the desert
  • Margarita time: (L-R) Craig, Bob R., Chuck, our host, Jeanne, Marilyn, & Linda
  • View of petroglyph at the dinner site
  • View of dinner camp from sunset vantage point
  • Bob Strand & Jim Jenkins
  • Our desert dinner camp just before sundown
  • Sunset on the desert from our dinner camp
  • The dinner buffet line
  • Marshmallow roasting time at the fire
  • After dinner conversation (L-R): Pauline, Marie, Barbara, Darlene, Woody, Troy, Sam and Steve C.
  • The dinner dancers: Linda Ging, Jeanne Schabel, Steve Linebarger, Chuck Schabel

Saturday, October 12 was a busy day. In the morning we toured the Pima Air and Space Museum.

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  • Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II (
  • Steve Bisel and Bill Woodward by 30mm cannon
  • Paul Baker, Sam Bothern and Bob Roberts
  • Craig Meyers, Jim Jenkins, Steve Linebarger & Steve Carr in front of SR-71A Blackbird
  • Mk-61 & Airmen: Carr, Strand, Woody, Ging, Bisel; Pauline in back
  • Woody giving a demo on the MK-61
  • The 463s pose with the MK-57 and MK-61: Troy Dobbs, Bill Woodward, Steve Bisel & Steve Carr
  • Woody repeats his Dr. Strangelove pose on the MK-61
  • On the tram to tour the outdoor exhibits: the Schabels (front) and Gings (rear)
  • Boeing NB-52A Stratofortress
  • Convair B-36 Peacemaker
  • North American F-100C Super Sabre and Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
  • The Woodwards and Schabels pose by Quonset hut in the 390th Memorial Museum
  • Marilyn Meyers, Jan Baker and Linda Ging
  • Darlene Woodward, Pauline Bisel and Jeanne Schabel
  • Steve Bisel, Steve Carr and Bill Woodward
  • Sam Bothern, Pauline Bisel and Steve Carr
  • The guys pose in front of the B-17 on display (L-R): Chuck Schabel, Craig Meyers, Sam Bothern, Paul Baker, Museum volunteer, Bill Woodward, Steve Bisel, Steve Carr, Bob Roberts & Jim Jenkins
  • The ladies pose for a shot (L-R): Marilyn Meyers, Pauline Bisel, Dede Carr, Darlene Woodward, Linda Ging, Jeanne Schabel and Marie Jenkins
  • Jim & Marie Jenkins with Bill Woodward in front of F-104
  • Steve Carr & Steve Bisel by F-100
  • The troops line up in front of the
  • Bake shows off his F-100 t-shirt

After the Pima Museum tour and lunch we convoyed up to the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center for dinner and an evening of star watching.

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  • Some of the observatories on top of Mt. Lemmon. Elevation: 9157 ft.
  • The group arrives at the observatory housing the 32-inch Schulman telescope we will be viewing
  • Troy Dobbs checking out his binoculars on Mt Lemmon
  • Learning about the telescope inside the observatory
  • Our guide explains the workings of the 32-inch telescope
  • Lineup to look through the telescope
  • The group gathers for sunset on Mt. Lemmon
  • Sunset on Mt. Lemmon
  • Sunset lighting (L-R): Steve Carr, Bill Woodward, Jim & Marie Jenkins & Paul Baker
  • Bob Roberts, Linda Ging, Jan Baker and John Ging catch the last rays of the day
  • Twilight time after sunset
  • Nice shot of the 32-inch Schulman telescope

On Sunday we gathered for a farewell breakfast followed by a debriefing session by the hotel pool.

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  • Sunday breakfast group photo
  • On Sunday we gathered for a debriefing by the pool after breakfast
  • The ladies photo op at the debriefing
  • Bob Strand and Paul Baker
  • Jim Jenkins and Chuck Schabel relax by the pool
  • Time to start planning for the next reunion!