Photo Gallery #15: 2017 Reunion in Denver, Colorado - 320th MMS

Our 2017 reunion in Denver and was a great success with 19 participants. Our hotel accommodations were at the Embassy Suites hotel at Stapleton - where the old Stapleton airport was located. The weather was mostly sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid to upper '80s. Activities kicked off with a welcome reception and dinner at the hotel on Friday night. Saturday morning we toured the Denver Botanic Gardens. Lunch and the afternoon were spent at the Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum located in Hangar 1 of the former Lowry AFB. Sunday's activities were in Colorado Springs and included a visit to the U.S. Air Force Academy, lunch at an authentic English pub and a visit to the Garden of the Gods Park.

Attendees at the reunion were:

  • Paul and Jan Baker with guest Mary Ann
  • Sam Bothern
  • Steve and Pauline Bisel
  • Steve and Dede Carr
  • Bob Fitzgerald
  • Wayne and Esperanza Miller
  • Bob Roberts and son
  • Leon Skatburg
  • Jerry Smith
  • Bob Strand and Joan Tschida
  • Bill and Darlene Woodward

Attendees gather in front of the F-100 at the Wings Over the
Rockies Air and Space Museum (Lowry Hangar 1)

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  • Attendees gather at the entrance to the Botanic Gardens
  • This sculpture by Alexander Calder was on display near the entrance
  • Checking out the tropical conservatory: Steve Bisel, Bill Woodward, Jerry Smith and Bob Fitzgerald
  • Pauline Bisel and Dede Carr enjoying one of the many water features
  • The Four Towers Fountain and pool
  • Chihuly glass sculpture entitled
  • Bob and Joan pose by the Chihuly sculpture
  • Dede and Steve Carr
  • This sculpture called the
  • The B-52B Boeing Stratofortress at the entrance to the museum is the same one used by airmen while training at Lowry
  • The flag of Lowry AFB on display at the museum
  • A Rockwell B-1A bomber on display in Hangar 1
  • Mark 43 trainers on display
  • Mark 61 hanging from the ceiling with chute extended
  • Mark 57 training units on display
  • Mark 28 on display
  • F-100 Super Sabre
  • Wayne Miller and Bill Woodward pose in front of the F-100
  • The guys pose for a shot (L-R): Steve Bisel, Bob Roberts, Paul Baker, Bob Strand, Bill Woodward, Steve Carr, Sam Bothern, Leon Skatburg, Wayne Miller, Jerry Smith and Bob Fitzgerald
  • The ladies in front of the guys (L-R): Joan Tschida, Dede Carr, Esperanza Miller and Pauline Bisel
  • View of the scening setting of the Academy grounds on a gorgeous Colorado day
  • Dede Carr enjoying the sun!
  • The chapel is the most distinctive building at the Academy
  • View of the cadet area
  • The Academy Chapel
  • Group shot in front of chapel (L-R): Jan Baker, Dede Carr, Sam Bothern, Bob Strand, Joan Tschida and Marie Jenkins
  • Group shot in front of chapel  (L-R): Jan and Paul Baker, Jerry Smith, Bob Fitzgerald and Leon Skatburg
  • The view inside the chapel is even more spectacular than the outside
  • Stained glass panels are everywhere in the chapel
  • Jan Baker with friend Mary Ann, Joan Tschida and Dede Carr (L-R)
  • Stained glass panels on the ceiling of the chapel
  • View of the parade ground with F-15 on display
  • Steve Bisel poses in front of the Golden Bee. The group had lunch at this restaurant, an 19th century English Pub located at the Broadmoor hotel
  • The scenery at the Garden of the Gods Park
  • Wayne and Esperanza Miller at the Garden of the Gods